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Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018

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Nokia Open Innovation Challenge (NOIC) 2018 is seeking innovative technologies, products and solutions focusing on industrial automation and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) domain with prize money totaling $175,000 available to winning companies.

The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge, administered by Nokia Bell Labs in partnership with NGP Capital, is looking for new innovative products and solutions within the Industrial IoT domain. It is time to submit your greatest ideas for technology and business models which could change the world. The winners, in addition to money prize, will also be given access to Nokia Bell Labs research & development resources, as well as opportunities to grow their businesses through joint partnerships with Nokia. Together with Nokia Bell Labs experts and mentors, you can make a difference and potentially grow your business to new levels.

Marcus Weldon, President of Nokia Bell Labs and CTO of Nokia, said, "We're excited to open this year's NOIC with a focus on industrial automation. This is a tremendous opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs to work alongside Nokia Bell Labs researchers and others in Nokia to bring their ideas to life. Our team looks forward to working with competition winners to help create new technologies that will create unparalleled increases in efficiency through augmented intelligent devices, systems, platforms, and applications."

Bo Ilsoe, Partner, NGP Capital, said, "We continue to champion this initiative by sponsoring it for the fifth year in a row. It's a great way for us as investors to meet the best new companies in each challenge category and for Nokia to find new external partners. I am looking forward to seeing the innovation this year's competitors bring."

NOIC 2018 Themes: Industrial IoT, Next generation private networks for industrial Internet

The next generation of industrial revolution will not only affect traditional industry operators but every single business which has requirements for automation and optimized services. These enterprises are making the leap to higher productivity and quality with the next generation of connectivity and applications.

NOIC is about evolution and revolution. We are looking for something that might already be established but could reach new heights of interest within the industry domain through your idea and with the right support from Nokia, or then something which is a totally new idea and concept but might need some fine-tuning to fit the requirements of potential customers.

NOIC offers the opportunity for bright-minded startup companies to propose best-in-class products and solutions within Industrial IoT. We are also interested if your proposal has Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation components. That kind of approach would, without doubt, make you stand out in the eyes of our jury.

Companies accepting the challenge can submit their ideas now through September 6, 2018. An international jury will then select the most advanced and innovative candidates to present their products or solutions at a final event to be held in early December at Nokia Bell Labs’ headquarters in Murray Hill, New Jersey.

Check the NOIC website for more information:

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