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Roundtables & Networking with DAIMLER, FORTUM and TELEFONICA

  • Fortum HQ Keilalahdentie 2-4 Espoo Finland (map)

Startup to Scaleup Launchpad Europe, FORTUM, DAIMLER and TELEFONICA warmly welcome Corporates, Startups, Scaleups and Investors to Short Pitches, Three Roundtables and Networking at FORTUM’s Global HQ in Espoo, Finland during the week of Slush.

Slush Side Event Roundtables & Networking Themes: Innovation, Electric Charging, AI &Data, with three sub-topics each

Open discussion, short pitches and networking on key topics by Daimler, Fortum, Telefonica and the community of car/transportation-focused investors, corporates, scaleups and
startups joining Slush 2018.


  • Introduction by Fortum, Daimler and Telefonica: 7 min per corporate

  • Pitching by 6 pre-selected startups: 2 min per startup

  • 3 Roundtables, running in parallel, with three 30 min discussion sub-topics for each RT.

    • RT1: Innovation

      • Topic 1 - How can Corporates, Startups and Cities Collaborate

      • Topic 2 - Impact of Digital Transformation in different Industries

      • Topic 3 – Open Innovation: How to bring it to the corporate world

    • RT 2: Electric Charging

      • Topic 1- Charging Infrastructure: synergies between stakeholders, and
        building an ecosystem (environmental and ecological impact on the charging
        infrastructure transformation)

      • Topic 2 - EV Driving: awareness and the charging experience

      • Topic 3 - Standards, Data Management and FOSS around Charging

    • RT 3: AI & Data

      • Topic 1 - Smart Mobility & Logistics: autonomous mobility of people and
        delivery of goods. Efficiency, who creates platform and why?

      • Topic 2 - Data Ecosystems: how companies collect & share data with each
        other. Place where personal and industry data meet (GDPR-related).

      • Topic 3 - IoT & Real Time Analytics: sensors in city, data in cars. Missing
        intelligent tools to get and use from data from cars and business models.
        Role of AI in terms of analytics of traffic, energy use etc.

  • Networking session: 30 min

> Apply to the event by 29 Nov 11:00 am latest on the Slush platform.

For additional information and event-related issues, please contact: Alfonso Gutierrez, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Espoo Marketing, Espoo Innovation Garden, Finland. Mobile: +358 40 524 6829, Email: