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Hack the index – Manage your portfolio like a pro

  • Harald Herlin Learning Center 9 Otaniementie Espoo, 02150 Finland (map)

Ultrahack Sprint II is looking for applicant to “Hack the Index” hackathon organized by OP Financal Group.

>Full call description and submssions on Ultrahack website

Hectic world and tons of information. I struggle to find time and energy to figure out which numbers and analyses are relevant to me and what I should do with my savings. Is there a way to manage my portfolio like a pro without investing all my time on it?

OP Financial Group offers a wide range of savings and investment tools and services. One of the aims is to make saving and investing easier and more accessible to wider customer groups – not only professionals.

Intense and fast digital disruption in the financial sector is continuously attracting new market entrants and speeding up product and service development. Succeeding in the changing operating environment necessitates offering the best possible customer experience irrespective of time, place and service channel. In OP’s view, the winning customer experience will be increasingly founded on a collaboration effort between humans and technology – personalized service will be enriched through the introduction of data, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

OP believes that wealth management APIs will transform saving and investing, as they enable collaboration between different partners and therefore, building innovative, diversified services for customers. In the future, OP hopes to offer more holistic and comprehensive financial advice with the use of intelligence in their own APIs and external data from wide range of other APIs.

During 2018, OP publishes various new OP Sandbox APIs for savings and investments. All the APIs and their documentation can be accessed here.

So the question is: What kind of innovations could you create for near-future financial instrument services?

Solution domains appreciated

  • what are the missing features of current OP savings and investments services as a whole;

  • how to create next-gen UX-experiences by integrating e.g. AI, voice, fingerprints etc;

  • what can be achieved with the OP Sandbox APIs;

  • how to improve the OP Sandbox APIs;

  • new innovations for stock trading services;

  • new innovations for funds and other holdings services;

  • how to take both professional and layman perspectives into account;

  • how to use and integrate third party information.


  • Sandbox data available

  • Trading within OMX Helsinki


  • Total price of 10,000€ will be shared between the teams who deliver the best solutions

  • Possible piloting opportunity with OP Lab

Travel Grants

There are travel grants available for applicants that reside outside Helsinki (all over the world). Read more on the grants on Ultrahack website.

>Read more on this challenge and apply on Ultrahack website by November 13!