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Challenge: Business at Your Fingertips

  • Dipoli 24 Otakaari Espoo, 02150 Finland (map)

>Read the full call on Junction 2018 website and apply by 7 October 2018

The City of Espoo is looking for the best ways to help enterprises in matching and connecting to grow their business.

Current challenges are:

  1. Startups’ or corporates’ development ideas don’t find suitable testing environments.

  2. Corporates don’t find new products, solutions and technologies

  3. Startups with novel solutions don’t find multinational corporates to gain corporate references.

  4. We need modern technology to boost the more systematic matching of startups and corporates.

What could be a solution for matching to build business networks for growth?

Particularly matching corporations with the right startups needs new innovations, e.g. an algorithm evaluating or predicting match qualities that could be used in our existing platform.

Extra details

The presented solution should be a set of functionalities that induces serendipity that helps enterprises grow their business. Ideally, a solution is embedded in regular means of interaction that people use everyday.

The presented solution can focus on one or more of the following features:

  1. An algorithm evaluating/predicting match qualities

  2. User experience

  3. Collaboration and interaction within the digital system

Problems of interest

Information about the ecosystems, their actors, activities, events and development programmes is scattered, hidden and obscure: this makes it difficult for innovative developers of enterprises to exploit relevant information in market planning, product development, capability development, talent management, funding and client relationships.


  1. The winning team: 3000€

  2. The second team: 2000€