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Challenge: Hack the Atmosphere!

  • Finnish Meteorological Institute 1 Erik Palméns plats Helsingfors, 00560 Finland (map)

>Apply for Ultrahack organized challenge by 5 November!

Urban air pollution poses a significant threat to human health and the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. Nine out of ten people are estimated to breathe air containing high levels of pollutants, causing around 7 million deaths every year. More than 90% of air pollution-related deaths occur in the developing world. Many of these areas have no surface air-quality monitoring networks and rely mainly on modelling and satellite information. Besides air pollution, there are other aspects of atmospheric composition that can affect health: UV radiation, which strongly depends on the stratospheric ozone layer, is another example.

Your challenge is to create solutions that help people in their daily lives to reduce their exposure to pollutants and UV radiation. To solve this challenge, you are encouraged to use Copernicus atmospheric monitoring data.

Various approaches are welcome: Create new solutions or add atmosphere-smart features to existing solutions. Propose innovative data visualisations for academic purposes or for raising awareness around the atmospheric environment. Mobile, web apps, platforms or hardware - it’s your call how to improve the quality of life for many!

Travels grants are available for participants that reside outside Helsinki.


  • Cash prizes: 5,000€

  • Copernicus start-up programme (All costs covered) for the winning team; value of 15,000€

  • Slush tickets for 2 winning teams (up to 2-3 people):

  • WEkEO platform free usage for one year for the winning team

  • Access to UN Climate Change Conference 10-14th December, Katowice, Poland, for the winning team

  • AtmosHack apparel for all participants

  • Total value of the prizes: 30,000€

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