Nixu Oyj Nixu is a cybersecurity services company on a mission to keep the digital society running. B2B Security and Safety Technologies cyber-security,network-security

Neuroflux Oy Neuroflux combines, visualizes, and analyzes waste water pumping station data, reducing the need for manual work for water utility personnel.B2BIndustrial Equipment

Path Surgery Path Surgery is a medical travel company connecting hospitals and patients in different countries.Digital Health and Medical Technologies

Everynet Oy Everynet is a leading Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology pioneer and network operator with networks around the globe including the Americas, EMEA, and APAC.B2BMobile and Telecom Technologies

Solar Foods Oy Producing sustainable and pure single-cell protein from CO2 using renewable electricityAgro and Food Technologiesbiotechnology,cleantech

Infinited Fiber Company Oy Closed loop solution for the textile industryB2BCleantechbiotechnology

Chipital Oy B2B

Fairspectrum B2B Mobile and Telecom Technologies

Unified Chargers Fast charding Solution B2B Cleantech

Sensmet Oy Detect Trace Metals in Water in 5 Minutes! Industrial Equipment

Viimatech Digital Oy Unique IoT solution to optimize maintenance and energy of pumps, fans and compressors.B2BIndustrial Equipment

Reaktor Space lab Oy Nanosatellites and space based services B2B Space

ISOKoivu oy Courses on ITIL & ISO Security LifescicleB2B2CSecurity and Safety Technologies

Aalto Industries Oy

World of Insights Engaging games for corporate learningB2B

Girdit Oy Global UAS operatorB2BIndustrial Technologies

Surgify Medical Oy Safer Bone SurgeryB2BMedical and Healthcare

Holda Technologies Oy The whole rental process for both the landlord and the tenant in a single service on mobile or computerB2B2C

GIM Oy GIM - the leading mobile robotics companyB2BIndustrial Technologies

Solu Digital Oy The customer feedback system


Boco IP Oy Ab Specializing in intellectual property rights (IPR)

Firstbeat Technologies Oy Firstbeat transforms heartbeat data into personalized insights on stress, exercise and sleep

Sencilion Oy Thin and flexible wireless sensor patches for sports and healthcare

EEE Innovations OyDrive Smarter



GetJenny Build your own AI with Jenny chatbotsB2B

HMD Global The home of Nokia phonesB2CHardware and Devices

Mimerse A virtual pharmacy

Argh AR Games Helsinki B2C Games

Mantisbite Oy Game studio B2C

Work Pilots Oy SOLUTION FOR TODAY’S EMPLOYMENT CHALLENGES B2C Software Applications software

Molnix Oy Save lives with good softwareB2BBusiness Softwarecloud,software

Zora BiosciencesMedical and Healthcare

ZervantEducation and Knowledge Technologies

ZennizHealth, Fitness and Sports

ZapflowDeal Flow Power Tool for VC & PEBusiness Software

YonotonConsumer Software

YogaiaHealth, Fitness and Sports

YodizThe only Agile tool you need for your teamsBusiness Software

Wello OyProduce clean energy without harming the environmentCleantechenergy,smart-energy

Mobile Wellness Solutions MWS OyMobile Health Platform For Insurance CompaniesB2BConsumer Software

WebmieWebmie - For survey participantsBusiness Software

WalkbaseBusiness Software

Virtual Air Guitar CompanyGames

ViimaBusiness Software

VibemetricsBusiness Software

VibeCatchBusiness Software

Verto AnalyticsBusiness Software

Versoteq 3D SolutionsBusiness Software

UnihostBusiness Software

TuxeraBusiness Software

Tunnel GroundGames

TraxmeetHealth, Fitness and Sports

TrackDuckBusiness Software


TekstarillaConsumer Software

Teagle GroupBusiness Software

SynosteMedical and Healthcare

Sun EnergiaCleantech

SulamoHealth, Fitness and Sports

Spot DiggerConsumer Software

Sofi FiltrationIndustrial Equipment

SnipbaseBusiness Software

Sketchboard.ioBusiness Software


Silex Comp

SibesonkeBusiness Software

Sharper ShapeHardware and Devices

Sense Of IntelligenceHardware and Devices

SalusfinHardware and Devices

SafelylockedBusiness Software

Roger-GPSHardware and Devices

RiskpointerBusiness Software

RemoteAMedical and Healthcare

Receipt CameraBusiness Software

REACHLawHuman Resources

QuuppaHardware and Devices

QuanturiHardware and Devices

QualifitBusiness Software

PulseOnHardware and Devices

PoplatekBanking and Finance

Polar ShiftBusiness Software

PlatonicsHardware and Devices


PixpolarIndustrial Equipment

PilviBusiness Software


Pampa FoodsOther Consumer Goods

Pajat SolutionsBusiness Software

OptomeditechMedical and Healthcare

OptiWattiBusiness Software


NotavaBusiness Software


Nordic Online Reservations GroupE-commerce

Nordic 24/7

NobicommsBusiness Software