Startup to Scaleup Launchpad Europe brings together key players to enhance the possibility of early stage companies to get paid projects to validate and scale their offering within Europe.

For corporates, we create a digital ecosystem where you can challenge the community and invite them to work together to solve business challenges REAL TIME! No long and extensive processes, just a direct line to a business leader to get the discussions started.

Growth companies get a chance to interact with world re-known companies and gain possibility to use global partners and suppliers to make business transactions where money is made. We have started gathering business growth opportunities that are defined and validated within global corporates like Nokia and are available “real time” - meaning there is a business case for each “challenge” that is visible.

Value You Get for Joining - broken down in three options: For Corporate/Corporate VC/Investors,Startups/Accelerators/Co-working Space/Startup Ecosystems